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Cloud parallel virtual machine - New Vision of Cloud Runtime Code Computation

We help decrease visible the systems complexity


CPVM - Cloud (Concurrent) Parallel Virtual Machine

This a distributed computation nodes control technology

  • automatic horisontal scale
  • hierarchical transactions
  • monitoring and profiling

Why this posibilities ?

We are develop adaptive optimizing runtime with transactions out of the box

Why can need be code transformation ?

not simple to Spit project to threads

- many threads - big overheads

- few threads - not full hardware utilization (parallelism is not target, its a way)

PTS generate optimal thread configuration automaticaly using profiling knowledge

Do you can just use Flow Based Programming anitime ?

Not all can use this tech layes simple

Eficient DataFlow build are difficult.

SmartFlow can build scalable DF for your case from plain project code

+ available all batteries from CPVM & PTS

PTS - optimize code and organize depends in runtime using profiling information and stat.

DT - Just Distributed Tree; O(Log N)

У нас есть Distributed Tree (DT) - scalable and comfortable service for big cloud indexes, cloud data container for any algorithms

For example, famous DHT have not operations like seek, next, prev... But Sequantionaly Tree have it.

DT have sequence of keys.

Now your can more with DT in cloud


Usaly, if you develop some web components for framework "X" - your busines plate ONLY framework X users

Acapella WebGUI - offer way break this limitation

Gui components, writed with our component base can be frenly used from any JS framework or binding or client or server template engine

HMO - Hardware Multicore Optimizer (FPGA Tool)

CPVM и PTS can viewed as sandbox fro project optimization and search better parallel version of algorithm

HMO convert final CPVM code to depends graph of Software Core blocks in FPGA

Your can get also parallel version of software project for other clusters or supercomputer, fro example for CSP/MPI systems.


We offer 6 products. Solutions, typical usage scenarios

For Developers

With PTS (Programm Transformation System): With с PTS (Program Transformation): You must not to complicate the code specifically, as in SOA or CSP. It will stay simple.

    Using CPVM you will obtain:

  • auto-parallelizm
  • dataflow extraction
  • Control correctness of IO (like in FP)
  • Team development sandboxes
  • Easy reuse
  • Easy overcoming the boundaries of the physical machine

For Managers

With PTS (Programm Transformation System): Вместе с PTS (Program Transformation): You must not to complicate the code specifically, as in SOA or CSP. It will stay simple.

    Using CPVM you will obtain:

  • Reduced design complexity
  • Better controllability support
  • Control correctness of IO (like in FP)
  • Great savings on training (all languages available)
  • Savings in adjustment (all at a glance)
  • Savings in repeated use (including side effects)

The synergy effect

    Our range of technologies designed to solve a variety of classes of problems, such as:

* Global challenges, such as there is an explosive growth of information in the world, requiring treatment; its value and the complexity of the logic are grows Complex problems, such as "migration of applications to the cloud," "security issues", "re-use developments" Human, such as "qualified personnel", "research a simple ways today often leads to problems in the future" Operating problems, such as: "self-organizing systems is required now," "scalability required" out of the box. "Cross IT problem" is a known issue about the money and time Development issues, technological, technical, convenience, reduced labor costs, a continuous range of resources, execution and deployment strategies, resource usage

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